Tasks and functions of the Educational Authority

Educational Authority efficiently integrates areas of education in Hungary. It is simultaneously present in the life of public and higher educational institutions; in the continuing education of students, in higher education, in the administration of language examinations or teacher trainings and in the development of public education textbooks. It maintains registers for higher and for public education institutions, colleges, these register their "citizens": pupils, students and teachers. The Authority manages their education-related official documents – student and teacher cards are issued here.

Competences of the Authority

Educational Authority is responsible for the coordination of the admission process to secondary and higher education; it registers students and their data, provides support and guidance to applicants. The central website provides up-to-date information on education, the Customer Centre offers information and consultation in person.

At international level, the Authority is involved in discussions related to issues of higher education and the recognition of degrees and qualifications obtained abroad. The Authority is in charge of the validation of diplomas issued by foreign universities and colleges and the recognition and nationalisation of foreign language examination certificates. At the same time, those who are leaving Hungary can get assistance from the Authority in the recognition of their Hungarian qualifications abroad. Furthermore, the Authority is responsible for the accreditation of in-service teacher trainings and foreign language examinations; it grants licences for the operation of foreign language examination centres.

The Authority handles the development and coordination of the standard processes of upper secondary school leaving examinations. The website of the Authority provides up-to-date information for applicants to the examinations on the list of the organizing institutions. In addition, examinees who are not in public education but wish to take the examination can download the application form from here. The Authority operates the Committees responsible for the preparation of the central examination tests; it also coordinates the logistics of the delivery of examination sheets.

Besides planning and monitoring national student assessment surveys and participating in international surveys and researches in the field of general education, the Authority prepares reports based on the results. It also coordinates the audits of institutions in public and higher education; keeps records of the results of evaluation and informs the operators and the responsible ministries. Within this evaluation process, the Authority assists the ministries responsible for public and higher education in identifying challenges and solutions in specific areas.

The Authority coordinates country level school competitions, including the most prestigious National Secondary School Academic Competition (OKTV). The Authority also manages the development of printed and digital textbooks for public education, as well as their qualification and publication on the National Education Portal, so students and teachers can use them widely and freely in the teaching/learning processes.

Thus, the scope of the Authority's activities indeed covers almost the entire education system. From preschool enrolment and receiving the first student card entering elementary school at the age of six; on the road to university graduation – almost twenty years later, one can manage all official matters related to their studies with the aid and guidance of the Educational Authority.