Eurydice National Unit

The Hungarian National Unit of the Eurydice Network is provided by the Centre for International Relations located in the Educational Authority in Budapest. The Unit in charge has a number of responsibilities e.g. the administration of projects related to the network, preparing reports, co-ordinates and facilitates data enquiries for publications issued by Eurydice, such as the Key Data series, Thematic Reports.

The National Unit nurtures a close collaboration with Hungarian expert groups and educational professionals to make sure that data provision about the Hungarian education system always meets high quality standards. The Unit keeps up an ongoing dialogue with further professional and governmental organisations, ministries (e.g. the Ministry of National Economy), offices (e.g. Hungarian Central Statistical Office) and foundations to be able to encompass a wider range of sub-sectors in education in its operation.

Dissemination of the reports and data provided by the publications of the Network also belongs to the Unit’s responsibilities. The publications and reports are distributed among other departmental units of the Hungarian Educational Authority (e.g. the Department of Public Education, Higher Education, etc.), and are available for any professional educators upon request (if in stock). As a part of the dissemination activity of the Unit, brief news items are published on the website of the Educational Authority in Hungarian whenever a report is issued by the Board.